6 Pads Chord Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Aug 04, 2019

Manufacturer: nekomatic

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$10.00 $30.00

This bundle has been inspired by my friend who is an avid pad drummer and an aspiring guitarist. He wanted a way to play the synthesizers the same way as he would his guitar - one hand on chord selection the other one on the actual notes. Here is the solution:

  • note 6 provides a straight forward way to define chords
  • 4x6 gives the ability to swiftly switch between the pitch CVs from the Note6
  • midigator 6 acts as an interface for one on more drum pads or other midi device and an easy way to trigger notes with velocity and control the 4x6 matrix.

Together with a sequencer or a midi device of your choice this bundle provides an intuitive way to define chord progressions.