Oscillatorro Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Manufacturer: nekomatic

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Both Oscillatorro and more Oscillatorros share the same experimental spectro-granular (or granulo-spetral?) oscillator engine. The more Oscillatorros is simply a polyphonic version of the Oscillatorro.

The idea of this engine came from the spring cleaning in my house when I've fund some long forgotten math collecting dust behind the sofa in my living room. It was looking at me with its big, wet eyes and was making weird noises, like anything else I've heard before. I had no other choice but to try finding it a new home ;)

As you may guess the Oscillatorro is not an emulation of anything out there, at least not anything I've heard of so far. You may think of those modules as experimental noise making machines. Their aim is to provide an exotic raw material for further processing. You can put them behind traditional subtractive synthesis chain as you would do with any other oscillator but they may also be used to pump some juice into a granular processor or something completely different, something only you can imagine.

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