SL-1 / SL-2

Type: Bundle

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Manufacturer: Hamster Modular

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$12.50 $15.00

The SL-1 and SL-2. A Fairly simple but smart slider to take control over input signals, either in mono or poly mode.

The controls and their functions:

[Slider] This is the control slider, really! It is used to attenuate the input signal before it flows to the output jack. [Link] This button links all controls from the left slider to the right slider and visa versa. [Range] This button switches the range of the slider between 0 ~ 100% and -50% ~ +50%. [Mode] This button switches between mono or poly mode for the input and output jacks. [Input] This jack is for the main input. It can be either an audio or a CV signal, such as a LFO or an Envelope. [Output] This jack is for the main output after it is attentuated by the slider.