Time Machine Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Jul 07, 2021

Manufacturer: Playertron

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The Waltham Watch Factory and Gravity Well Arpeggiator were designed in parallel to create a unique stochastic note generator that can adapt to chord progressions, follow modes, evolve note tendencies, and act with rhythmic flexibility, as if it were a bebop musician in an autonomous robot. The Gravity Well Arpeggiator allows you to define scales and probabilities for notes within each scale, pulling multiple units together additively for more and more modes of behavior. The Waltham Watch Factory can act as the orchestrator of the bunch, conducting them to activate, setting the tempo, and even guiding articulation. Since the modules are broken into separate units, it gives you discretion over how large or concise you’d like your arpeggiation device to be, allows you to think modularly to create unique blends of functionality, and also gives you the freedom to get between the units for some disruptive processing.

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