Type: Module

Category: Filters

Updated: May 22, 2021

Manufacturer: nekomatic

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AEIOU is a formant filter which passes 5 frequency bands characteristic to the most significant formants of the human vocal tract. It has very simple controls:

  • Smooth Vowel selection through A E I O U vowels.
  • Scale which adjusts the formants ratios to emulate a range of vocal tracts from Deep bass to High soprano.
  • Mix adjusts the Dry/Wet mix ratio between the filtered signal and the dry input.

Depending on the harmonic content of the incoming signal the formant filtering process may result with more or less reduced loudness. The little Amp knob adjusts the gain to compensate for the lost loudness. The Mix as well as the Vowel and the Scale can also be control via CV which accepts range from 0V to 5V. Additionally for the Vowel and the Scale we can decide how much influence the CV signal has over the related parameter. Check it out on YouTube

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