Bully Beef Bass Oscillators

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Bully Beef is a module designed for creating Earth-shaking bass tones.

It has two unique features which distinguishes it from other oscillators in the store:

1. Constant-frequency detune.

This ensures that the phasing rate ('beat frequency') between the two oscillators remains constant, even as the root note changes.

2. Fundamental frequency level control.

The fundamental frequency component (or 'first harmonic') of each oscillator can be set to:

"Norm" - The output has the standard level of fundamental.

"Boost" - The fundamental is boosted by 6 dB.

"Cut" - The fundamental is completely removed.

Normally, when you mix two sawtooth waveforms which are close in frequency to each other, all component frequencies (including the fundamental) will be amplitude modulated due to constructive and destructive interference. With Bully Beef however, you can remove the fundamental from one oscillator, giving you a rock-solid bass component at all times.

More bass!!!

What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?

Put it up to "eleven"?

No, we switch it to "Boost".

Title of Song

  • Bully-Beef-Classic
  • Martian-Machine-Invasion
  • Bully-Tuba-Classic
  • Pluck-Bass-Sequence
  • Bully-Bass-Classic