First Contact

Type: Module

Category: Visualizers

Updated: Oct 07, 2021

Manufacturer: PoohBear

Contact Manufacturer


Having a close encounter with the VM2500 brought this to light....

Designed more for CV Note\Pitch and Gate data however it will except just CV data without the Gate connected.

Note: Without the Gate connected the lights will be always on.

Not just pretty lights, OK they are, but it is useful connected to the Pitch and Gate main I/O panel so you can test that you are getting data in from the outside world and at the end of long chains to see if things are working as expected.

The truth is out there!

Technical overview of the First Contact

Poohbear's Modules Pre-Release Demo No. 1

Getting creative with the VM 2 Reason 2 VM and few others devices from PoohBear.

Build #23,#24,#25: Bug fix, A couple of notes were out (1st 3 notes and the very last one). Build #22: Added save state to display Build #21: Added extra mono CV and Gate port. Build #20: Added XXXXXX notes, something for you to work out ;) Build #19: Bug fix, some notes where being lost in space and time, if the note was being lagged (processed) and arrived after the gate it was not registered until the next event gate so it looked out of time. Build #18: Public Release