Flip Flop Counter

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Manufacturer: PoohBear

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FlipFlop counter works a bit like a clock divider, receiving a pulse (trigger) to incremental a counter and then at a set threshold will flip a switch.

Part of the PoohBears Goodie Bag Bundle.

Video Manual

2 Inputs (A and B), 2 Outputs (X and Y), 2 switch positions (Flip and Flop) that allow for many different configurations.

Both A and B in Flip or Flop mode have the option of sending their input to X, or Y, or X and Y, or to block it (Off).

Common setup, Flip mode, A to X and B to Y, then when switched to Flop mode, A to Y and B to X, basically a crossover switch.

If nothing is set to go either X or Y you have an option of sending out 0 volts or the last know voltage (track and hold).

Modes: Forever, once switched from Flip to Flop a Reset has to be sent to restart the counting. Square, the duration for either Flip or Flop is one whole cycle, e.g. if you have a threshold of 4, Flip is held for 4 counts, then Flop is held for 4 counts. Flip Flop, This acts more like a clock divider, once the threshold has been reached, it’s switched to the Flop mode only until the next counter (trigger) is encountered. After: The switch happens one count after the threshold. On: The switch happens on the count.

Build #17 Optimized code. Build #16 Bug fix, when threshold is changed below the current counter when it's running in forever mode it did not flip. Build #15 Cosmetic changes only Build #14 Added Input port for the "Threshold", so now the threshold can be set via CV, 1v =128 Added Output port for the "Current" counter, 128 = 1v Build #13 Public Release.