Flip Flop Switcher

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Manufacturer: PoohBear

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FlipFlop Switcher is the brother of the FlipFlop Counter, however the switcher has a built in randomiser or you can control it externally to Flip Flop.

Part of the PoohBears Goodie Bag Bundle.

Video Manual

2 Inputs (A and B), 2 Outputs (X and Y), 2 switch positions (Flip and Flop) that allow for many different configurations.

Both A and B in Flip or Flop mode have the option of sending their input to X, or Y, or X and Y, or to block it (Off).

Common setup, Flip mode, A to X and B to Y, then when switched to Flop mode, A to Y and B to X, basically a crossover switch.

If nothing is set to go either X or Y you have an option of sending out 0 volts or the last know voltage (track and hold).

Modes: Don't plug anything into the "Override" for the internal randomiser to work, you can set how fast it changes from the Pulse Rate, you can also dial in a weight so you have a weighted randomise process going on. Plugging into the Override changes the "Weight" to a Threshold, you can have another external randomise process or even something as simple as a LFO Ramp to Flip Flop for you. The "Weight" input port allows for the Threshold or Weight to be shifted about realtime.

Note: If nothing is plugged into port "A" then a random value is passed down that port, it changes on either:- A) Using the internal pulse (nothing is plugged into the override) B) If the override is connected, only when that input value crosses the threshold that has been set, e.g. moving from a Flip to Flop or vice versa.

Build #15 Bug fix random value when a cable was plugged into the override and optimization. Build #14 Made Weight\Threshold control finer, up to 8 decimal places, has to be manually changed via the edit mode. Build #12,#13 Fixed timing issues. Build #11, Just a cosmetic change only. Build #10, Added: When no cable is in port "A" the internal random value is passed down the A channel and can then be treated like a normal input, setting the FLIP and FLOP to OFF will disable it. bug fix: Corrected slight timing issue bug fix: When offset was removed directly from the device the offset was not reset. Build #9, Public Release..