Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Manufacturer: nekomatic

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As the name suggests this module's job is to freeze something. In this particular case it freezes a moment of the audio input with the help of phase vocoder and plays this moment out for you until you tell it to freeze something else.

Freezer takes a 6.4 seconds long snapshot of the audio fed to the input jack. You can select which moment of the snapshot to play by adjusting the coarse, fine and super fine knobs. The coarse knob's range is the whole length of the snapshot, fine covers 320 milliseconds and the super fine 16 milliseconds.

You can select one of five window sizes to produce various range of tones, from a quirky artificial buzz to a sweet and creamy slice of the time.

You can also re-scale the spectrum via the V/Oct jack to produce various range of tones. With high enough resolution this can turn freezer into a strange sounding quirky oscillator.


May 28, 21

New Compositional Methods

Freezer is an excellent source of inspiration and an incredible compositional tool which allows the artist to create new timbres and dynamic shapes of communication. High recommended

Clifton Develle Cameron