Little Harmony

Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Manufacturer: nekomatic

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$25.00 $30.00

If you need to add some extra harmony to any organic sound the Little Harmony module may be just for you. This module contains three pitch shifting pipelines backed up by a phase vocoder optimized for organic signal with frequencies around 3~4 kHz which is typical to human voice. With Little Harmony you can create a choir of running water, animal noises, falling trees or any other organic sounds.

One interesting property of the Phase Vocoder - when it is used as a pitch processor - is that it makes it possible to preserve the phase of the source signal. This is desired i.e. if you just need to emphasize certain harmonics in human voice. Note, most synthetic sources like i.e. the traditional square wave depend on strict relationship between pitch and the phase of each harmonic - since the Little Harmony leaves the phase intact while changing the pitch it breaks those relations which may lead to some unexpected yet interesting results.

In addition to the master tuning the Little Harmony module provides the means to shift the phase of low, medium and high frequencies to give you control of the timbre for the final mix.

The Little Harmony allows you to compensate for the latency introduced by the back-end processor via dedicated delay line for the input signal as well as three independent matching delay lines for any other signal you wish to synchronize with the Little Harmony. Also each pipeline only uses CPU if the corresponding output jack is connected :)