Micro Spectro Scope

Type: Module

Category: Visualizers

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Manufacturer: nekomatic

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Simple spectroscope with basic functionality:

  • Linear and logarithmic frequency scale - the LIN and LOG buttons
  • Three window types: Blackman (BLK), Blackman-Harris (BL-HR) and Hamming (HAMM)
  • Three resolution modes: ECO at 1024 samples, NORM at 4096 samples and HIGH at 8192 samples - choose them wisely as higher settings may drain quite a lot of CPU on older machines.
  • OFF mode which disables the internal analyzer to save precious CPU cycles. The spectroscope displays frequencies from 1Hz to 24kHz.

You can also amplify the incoming signal as well as set the bottom threshold of the spectrum.

With the magic of built-in delay line you can also view the spectrum of the signal up to 10 seconds back in time.

The FREEZE button stops the time...