VM to Reason to VM

Type: Module

Category: I/O

Updated: Aug 06, 2021

Manufacturer: PoohBear

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Part of the PoohBears Goodie Bag Bundle.

Converts Reason's Note range to VM pitch range. Converts VM pitch to Reason's Note range.

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This module allows you to send in Pitch CV signal from Reason to Voltage Module via the "Audio In's" and it also allows you to send in Pitch CV signal from Voltage Module to Reason via the "Audio Output Ports".

In Reason you can use either Thor or "Robotic Beans Audio to CV" or "Robotic Beans CV to Audio" converter to convert from Audio to CV or CV to Audio.

Note: Reason uses 1 volt (0-1) for the full midi note range (VM uses 1 volt per octave (starting at -3 volts).. if your current DAW\system uses the same then this module should also work for you.

Build #4: Public Release


Aug 10, 21

Great utility for modular Reason enthusiasts

Great utility to easily add the Voltage Modular VST to Reason as a well behaved Rack citizen.