Dissection Kit

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Cut, splice, stretch, bounce, extract, and modulate individual parts of waveforms with the Dissection Kit modules. It’s a great way to build unusual oscillation shapes, for precise control over modulation behaviors, as a basis for executing complex logic, and as a set of tools for unusual distortions, hybridization, mutations, and noise.

The Summit Selector diverts tops and bottoms and the insides too of waveforms, producing sorted and spliced outputs of all peaks, all valleys, all minimum positive signals, and all negative signal of minimum magnitude. The Horizon Topological Wraparound Orbiter does to waves what the early video games did - lets you go off one end and come back up the other, and with a couple different algorithms to guide that behavior. The Intersection Alternator yields chimera of waveforms in the time domain, stitching pieces of up to four inputs for outputs like sqinaw waves (if there were a word for square-sine-saw waves). The Wave Exsector really gets to dicing up signals, outputting individual segments in a variety of formats for highly controllable reassembly or separate processing, helping you turn inputs into raw material for your own creations.

For more detail, take a look at the individual module descriptions: