Filter Foundry

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A group of versatile, chainable, assembling filters that explore the fringes of what works at all, navigate the subtle variations of tonal identity, and push the boundaries of what filters can do.

First in the lineup, the Vulnerable Variable-Circuit Filter continuously modifies its circuit topology to produce an indefinite number of filter designs, not merely crossfading, but by actively changing the model with dial (or cv) movements. You find fringe tones, sweet spots, and untrustworthy behaviors alike, while internal saturation loosely protects you from the latter with an exciting mess.

The Jadwiga Single Pole Filter is a platform for designing variable-pole filters with inter-pole variation, feedback, branching, and experimental connectivity. And it sounds alive. Modulate individual poles independently or in coordination, build unique slopes, put effects inside your filter, and get super modular in your approach to filtering.

The Periodic Allpass filter is a source of modulation effects like a phaser, a way to drive saturation with much flexibility, and an interesting trick for adding perceived depth depth and weight to audio, while in a chainable format that allows for the same exploration that the Jadwiga provides. Chain 12 for a 12-stage phaser, and tune each individually for something really unique. Modulate them with chaotic LFO shapes instead of the usual, branch them for stereo, put effects in the middle, and get innovative and wild.

Sprinkled in for good measure, you'll find the Super Gain a great tool for unreasonable saturation, convenient inverting, and modifying signal levels with much greater range than common. It goes to 111.

The Filter Foundry opens up possibilities for experiments with filtering and within filters themselves.

See individual modules for more information.