Harmonic Spectrum Bundle

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Generate a polyphonic beam of notes with the ROYGBIV Harmonizer, refract them into patterns with the Plot Extensible Arpeggiation Navigator, and bounce them of the mirrors of the Boundary Reflector to refocus notes into place. The Harmonic Spectrum Bundle is like a set of optical tools for melodies and harmonies, leaving you in full control of your exploration while saving the effort of squinting to see the minuscule and distant possibilities alike.

The ROYGBIV Harmonizer organizes a transposable 8x9 grid of chords that produce polyphonic (or 8x mono) pitch cv and gate signals, when initiated by gate or trigger inputs. Since transposition is controllable via its own pitch cv input, melodies can be fed into the device which will them produce harmonizes according to chosen chords.

The Plot Extensible Arpeggiation Navigator modularizes arpeggiation by working in flocks, each individual unit selecting from a polyphonic source (highest, lowest, higher, lower, and a couple random modes) to produce sequences of notes. Units can be looped back into themselves and/or chained indefinitely to create wandering paths of notes, where each unit possesses individual note length and three tagalong cv “expression” controls, making it possible to “arpeggiate” filters/effects/etc alongside the notes (or without the notes at all if you prefer).

The Boundary Reflector sets lower and upper reflection points, where notes lower or higher (respectively) are bounced back proportionally to how far under or over they fell (for a musically coherent result that avoids the note repetitions of hard limiters). Use several units in a chain to create a sort of tunnel that focuses the pitch range. Set the reflectors to non-octave positions for more interesting results.

Check individual modules for more detailed descriptions.