Infrastructure Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Manufacturer: Playertron

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$14.95 $30.00

This set of utilities was made to give you a handle on those slightly out of reach, work-around-y, and burdensome connectivities that slow us down and pose unnecessary limits. There are lots of features, but they stay out of your way so that you can do simple things, and you’ll find yourself noticing them only when you’re like, “It’d be great if this could…”

The MIDI Actuator makes it so that you can control lots of things with a keyboard or controller, sending trigger or gate signals based on the key you press, offering a mono mode if you like, and allowing you to select the two octaves worth of notes you’d like to use. They can be used in multiples for even more fun. The Switchboard has an array of toggle switches that can be CV controlled to disconnect signals from their destinations as you see fit. Audio can be used as the on/off button controller, and you’ll find that you can essentially automate, not what the wires connect, but which wires are connected, for a new level of dynamic behaviors. The Voltage Source Panel provides eight DC signals, so that you can get a particular precise voltage at the turn of a dial. It also operates as a meter to measure incoming signals, and with freeze modes, average & sum outputs, on/off toggles, and CV control jacks everywhere, it can act as quite the control center for cultivating new behaviors from your modules.

Behind the scenes, these have been in regular use at Playertron headquarters (it’s a chair) because they make lots of things easier (or possible), take up only slivers of the screen, and pair especially well with other Playertron modules.

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