Irregularity Collection

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Randomness, noise, & drift for texture, realism, & serendipity - look to this collection of modules to make your pitch waver, to let your control voltages wander, for your tones to get fuzzier, to create subtle imperfections, and for the sake of discovery.

The Actual Noise module offers seven sources of real noise which can be blended (by dial or CV) and output to mono, stereo, or polyphonic destinations. Whereas noise is generally generated statistically, these sources have greater macrotemporal variability to sound more natural and offer complementary behavior.

Brownian Drift accepts mono or polyphonic control voltages (flip a switch to swap the jacks) and imbues them with a bit of wandering imprecision akin to Brownian motion in diffusing particles. Calibrated with a focus on pitch drift, extreme settings still allow a full range of uses, such as making your LFOs go a bit imperfect.

Its cousin, the Brownian LFO, acts as a source of modulation, but unlike traditional, repetitive LFOs, this device changes organically to offer motion that feels less like Pong and more like waves crashing. A useful set of control allows you to affect the boundaries of the effect so that you can recenter it or change the effect size, to change the rate of movement, and to limit the amount of movement allowed within a time frame. A lower jack accepts trigger pulses to recenter the device and provide something like a "soft bypass". Send multiple units to the same destination for increased complexity with overlapping behaviors.

The Brownian LFO+ expands your CV options so that you can modulate the modulator (perhaps even with other Brownian LFOs) to either control how it behaves over time or to add further complexity to its output. It helps you achieve moments of increased wandering amidst subtler changes, dynamic mixtures of quick quivers riding on top of slow evolutions, and erratic complexities that feel chaotic & unpredictable.

The Atmospheric Noise Source is a stereo noise source with customizable tone, available polyphonic connections, and interesting modulation options. Use it for thick, puffy, breathy, textured sounds and as a drum too (snare, hihat). The onboard amplifier makes it easy to add percussive sounds or evolving ambient noise to your patches. Being stereo, it is also great for subtle uses, adding airiness with immersive width.

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