P.moon Sequencer Kit

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With these modules you can start to build unlimited step sequencers. Some example setups demonstrate possibilities.

  • Stepper is a step generator for 1 to 8 steps. You can chain Steppers up to total 999 steps.
  • Tone Event is a device with various gimmicks. It might be one stage of a sequencer or a transposer or a DC source.
  • Switch 8 to 1 is used to collect several signals. Any signal can be switched from 8 inputs to one output. Selection is done either by digital or analogue control voltages. HOLD function is available.
  • CV Source 8x delivers common or pitch cv, with eight CV sources, knob ranges 1, 3 or 5 volts, quantizing for exact halftones possible, offset input usable for key tracking, offset amount adjustable.
  • gEight makes it easy to switch pitch values.
  • CV Stepper is an 1 to 8 step sequencer, based on Stepper, cascadable up to total 999 steps.
  • Gray Steps is a special 1 to 256 step sequencer that uses Gray Codes.

All updated doc files and example presets you can find on: https://p-moon-modules.de

Title of Song

  • PM-Sequencer-1
  • PM-Sequencer-2
  • PM-Sequencer-3
  • PM-Sequencer-4
  • PM-Sequencer-5