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This bundle contains the Big Rat LFO / EG / VCO module and the Smol Rat slew controller / filter.

The name "RAT" is an acronym for Real Analogue Transients. The Big Rat and Smol Rat are two sides of the same coin; both feature an accurate physical model of an RC charge / discharge circuit. The Big Rat is a signal generator, which can be free-running or triggered by an external gate. The Smol Rat, on the other hand, is purely a signal processor.

In addition to these, there are two editable notes panels with the same colouring as the main modules.

Comprehensive documentation on the RAT Pack Bundle can be found at http://middletong.com/DomeMusicTechnologies/Documentation/index.html


Apr 27, 22


This is an incredible bundle that can open up the possibilities in troves. It's great to have these modules a part of Voltage Modular's environment.

Title of Song

  • OnTheRatRun