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This bundle contains the mono and poly versions of the Syndrum.

Please see those pages for the individual descriptions.



Joe Pollard brought the challenge of designing the Syndrum to me in 1975. It was the first commercially available set of electronic drums in history. The Syndrum was a huge success, finding its way onto hundreds of hit records of the late 70s and early 80s. Accepted into rock, country, disco, and avant gard genres, the Syndrum sound was everywhere from Baker Street to James Bond. Soon, copycat units arose sporting the same controls and parameters I defined, and to this day, there is a Syndrum sound preset in almost every synthesizer. Now Voltage Modular users can own this piece of history in a new and improved unit. Everything is faithful to the original except for low price, the addition of voltage control to every parameter, and of course the addition of a polyphonic version drives the capabilities to insane levels. The controls may look deceptively simple and basic, but you can get kicks, snares, toms, steel drums, claves, wood blocks, congas, tablas, flying saucers with laser weapons, and everything in between.

After over 40 years, the Syndrum is back, and it's going BOOM!


As usual, the sound demos are a single track with no overdubs or effects, and let me first apologize because I'm not a drummer. With the exception of the 2nd example (which is an obvious sequence), everything is me horribly abusing my keyboard. Please pay attention to the dynamics throughout, and special attention to the snare drum demo at the end to notice the lack of machine gunning on the rolls. Hey, I'm trilling as fast as I can!


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poly Syndrum
poly Syndrum

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