Tiny Voice Bundle

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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Manufacturer: MRB

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Contains the mono and polyphonic version of Tiny Voice.

Full description is on the mono Tiny Voice page.

Video manual with lots of sound demos: https://youtu.be/Y1WCmuwehX0

Tiny Voice
Tiny Voice

Instruments | MRB

poly Tiny Voice
poly Tiny Voice

Instruments | MRB


Nov 19, 20

Enormous possibilities in the smallest package

Tiny Voice is an impeccable musical instrument. Don't be deceived by the notions of analog versus digital, don't be deceived by all of the rhetoric that surrounds us. Trust your vision, be open minded, and trust your ears. Tiny Voice is the past, present, and future. Just create. MRB has done it again with an incredible scenario with Tiny Voice. You can spend $1200 on something that can't even do 17 percent of what this single product can do. Support the process and do us a favor by simply creating. The possibilities are enormous. Great work along with your other fine products Mark.