303 Bass Synth

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • 303 Bass Synth is a compact synth module based/inspired by Roland TB-303.
  • 303 Bass Synth is sold individually and as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.
  1. Two waveforms with switch to choose from REGULAR and ORIGINAL and two low pass FILTERS mode (A and B) switch.
  2. Pulse width modulation available through PWM CV (-5/+5V).
  3. With GATE input connected it will trigger an internal envelope for VCA.
  4. When ACC input is not connected the ACCENT will be triggered when GATE is triggered.
  5. When VCA input connected the GATE will not trigger any envelope for the internal VCA.
  6. With EXT input connected only such signal will be processed through the filter.
  7. Slide input works with gate/trigger signals, it triggers slide effect from 1V to 5V varying duration as much the voltage (30ms to 150ms) .
  8. Note that with MODE set on A, RES at max and waveform set previously to square or saw and than switched to OFF position the filter will self oscillate so you have also a SINE waveform available.

Title of Song

  • 303 Bass Synth_Demo_1.wav
  • 303 Bass Synth_Demo_2.wav