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  • ABRASIVE-20 FILTER is an unique low/high pass filter based on MS20 filter clone by Doepfer's.

  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE and Filter Bundle.

  • It has different audio inputs for low and high pass, but only one audio output.

  • Two separate audio inputs for lowpass (LP) and highpass (HP) with separate level controls are available.

  • The sockets are normalled, i.e. the signal applied to the LP input is available for the HP input too provided that no plug is inserted into the HP input socket.

  • The level control of the HP input can be used as an attenuator or polarized input control depending on the first switch selection.

  • This means that the signal can be added with the same polarity (+ range) or opposite polarity (- range) compared to the LP input.

  • This feature enables notch (+) and bandpass (-) filter functions too.

  • The independent control for each diode (CL+, CL-) allows asymmetrical limiting/amplification that causes a completely new and sometimes very strange behavior.

  • A dedicated switch to select when to apply such clipping : pre-filter, post-filter or both.

  • DC/AC switch to select between DC or AC coupled output.

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