Type: Module

Category: Oscillators

Updated: Jun 01, 2020

Manufacturer: Cherry Audio

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AirStep brings the sought-after sound of wavesequencing to the modular environment. With over 300 onboard PCM sample waves and massively flexible modulation, trigger, and sync options, AirStep takes wavesequencing synthesis to an entirely new level. Its advanced interfaces tremendously simplifies the creation of complex wavesequences.


Jun 10, 20

Greetings from Wavestation

Now as a part of Voltage Modular. That's fine!


Jan 19, 21

Digging it

AirStep is completely nuts; being able to cycle through so many sounds with so many applied settings (even globally!) as one unique oscillator completely blows me away. Also, it's probably one of the best modules to randomize, get a crazy result and resample again. I love this!

Title of Song

  • Anxious-Decent
  • Big-Cluster
  • Clanking-Rhythm
  • Cruising
  • Dancing-Mallets
  • Delayed-Bass
  • Distant-Winds
  • Falling-Churches
  • Lonely-Plains
  • Ominous-drops
  • Air-Bassline