Type: Module

Category: Mixers

Updated: Jun 01, 2020

Manufacturer: Cherry Audio

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AirVector is a joystick-controlled quad vector mixer, usable with any Voltage Modular audio signals. Its flexible modulation options and super easy-to-configure vector envelope section make it must-have for creating evolving timbres.


Jun 10, 20

Great, but STEREO would be PERFECT

A great module, the whole package is a MUST, but please, provide a STEREO-version of this module so that one can blend 4 stereo sources!

Title of Song

  • Moody-Pulse-2
  • Moody-Pulse-1
  • Sore-Throat
  • Animated-Moves
  • Avante-Garde-Ondes-2
  • Avante-Garde-Ondes
  • Avant-Garde-Orch
  • Evolver
  • Monstrocity