AULDELAY is our interpretation of a classic vintage three-knob analog delay effects pedal that has a warm, dark and slightly gritty texture to its sound. However, in a massive departure from the original specs, AULDELAY has a maximum delay time of eight seconds for lo-fi looping adventures! We’ve also added an EQ switch with stereo ping-pong and modulation options.

AULDELAY handles mono or stereo inputs, but as it does a bit of “stereoizing” when MOD is on, we highly recommend using both outputs. Your stereo image is retained throughout thanks to independent left / right delay lines.

ON button toggles AULDELAY processing on or off. Please note that when off, any delay repeats will continue to occur, but your dry signal will no longer be processed. This is similar to “trails mode” in some delay pedals, which also allows AULDELAY to be switched on and off during a performance without pops or clicks.

You can also turn AULDELAY on and off via the CV TRIG input with a +1V pulse or more.

The DARK / WARM switch changes the EQ applied to delay repeats. DARK mode is what we’d associate with a typical analog delay of the era, rolling-off anything above 3-4KHz which is pretty dark! WARM mode is brighter, but not pristine, with a lowpass cutoff around 7-8KHz.

AULDELAY also applies some low frequency attenuation to the delay repeats to emulate certain characteristics of an analog circuit.

DELAY sets the delay time between 100ms and 8 seconds. At high delay settings, you can even use AULDELAY as a super simple sound on sound looper.

REGEN sets the delay regeneration or feedback from a single repeat to near infinite repeats that become increasingly darker / warmer.

PING-PONG when on, mixes the stereo input signal into mono, applies delay, then alternates the delay repeats between the left and right channel mixing it with your original dry signal. Please note that REGEN should be greater than 10% to enable ping-pong mode.

MIX sets the amount of wet (delayed) signal that’s added to the original (dry) input. Increasing the REGEN and MIX will result in a more saturated and gritty sound depending on how hot your input signal is. If the resulting mix level gets very high an LED next to the MIX control will light.

We’ve tried to apply various processing techniques under the hood to make AULDELAY sound “pleasing” even if you drive it pretty hard. Ultimately, there’s a limit to this, so if you hear excessive crackling / distortion it probably means the output is being clipped to +/-5.0V so maybe back off your MIX or input level a touch if the MIX LED light is flashing.

MOD is a three position switch that sets the depth of delay modulation. We think ON is the sweet spot for additional subtle warmth, but you can have twice as much (DEEP) or none at all (OFF).

And in case you don’t know, “Auld” is the Scots word for “old”. We hope you like our tribute to delays from “auld lang syne”.

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