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AW_Baxandall2 is a port of Airwindows Baxandall2. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Baxandall2 is a Baxandall style EQ, extended and made more powerful.

Special R_Ware goodie: Soft Clipping! The EQ boosts can get extreme! To combat this and inject some additional character, there's a gentle soft clipper on the output that can be enabled/disabled.

Baxandall2 uses interleaved biquad filters (an unusual choice that helps the shallowness of the filter slopes in this very ‘broad strokes’ EQ). It uses the technique of sweeping those filter center points to make increasingly extreme effects as you get crazier with it: it gets almost synth-like, starting with general ’tilt EQ’ effects of great subtlety but bringing in wild boosts as you crank it. The purpose of that is to do the sort of anti-Soothe thing I favor: if you have a track and it’s carrying highs, in no way do you need to also have full bass on it.

And Baxandall2 is designed to get you to whatever broad EQ place you need, from a place of naturalness. But there’s nothing natural about the cranked-up 24dB boosts and cuts you can now do.