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AW_ClipOnly2 is a port of the Airwindows ClipOnly2. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: ClipOnly2 is a hard clipper that suppresses the brightness of digital clipping without affecting unclipped samples.

Special R_Ware treatment with added HQ mode that enables 4x oversampling!


  1. patch your signal into modules' inputs to apply hard clipping
  2. patch the modules' outputs to your outputs
  3. optional: turn on 4x oversampling by clicking the HQ toggle button.

ClipOnly passes through ALL nonclipped samples totally untouched… but when you get a clipped sample, what ClipOnly does is it takes the sample entering clipping, and the sample exiting clipping, and it interpolates between the last unclipped sample and the clipped stuff. So, it is synthesizing a soft entry and exit from what is otherwise total hard clipping, and if only the one sample clipped? That very bright clip simply goes away, turned right down. This produces a hard-clip suitable for safety clipper purposes, which is purely ‘bypass’ (plus a one sample delay to allow for the processing), with softer highs than you’d get from any pure hard-clip, no matter how oversampled. It’s an alternate technique, and is also pretty CPU-efficient.