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AW_DirtEdge is a blend of ports Airwindows Dirt and Airwindows Edge that can blend between these two flavors seamlessly. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Edge is a seven-stage distortion with Hypersonic filtering and tone shaping controls. TL;DW: Dirt is a soft-clip distortion in the spirit of Edge.

Edge is seven stages of hard clipping with Hypersonic-style filtering between each one. It’s real bright and has silly high gain. Lowpass is basically your cutoff frequency: this isn’t designed to be swept (though you could if you’re OK with some crackles) but is a very efficient Hypersonic-style lowpass that you can set from 25k right down into the deep bass. Since it doubles as the ultrasonic filter, dialing back on the extreme highs will give you even better aliasing performance (run at elevated sample rates to use this properly) and also gives you an interesting tonality at the cutoff which isn’t exactly resonance, but it’s a bit like it. The way the phase shifts going into successive stages of gain boost and clipping produces a distinctive tone. Highpass is your secret weapon for when you use it as a guitar amp: get the rest of the system huge and beefy, and then dial in the lows using this input highpass, for maximum texture. Output and Dry/Wet are for use when you’re just making it be a hard clipper. It’s never going to be exactly a hard clip because of all the stages and the way the EQ interacts with the sound, but between the highpass, lowpass and the gain on tap you’ll get many sounds out of this one. Unlike stuff like ‘Tube’ this is never intended to be smooth. It’s just edgy in a distinctive way that might come in handy. (more to reveal on that, before too long) If you liked Airwindows Edge, Dirt is a variation. It doesn’t go nearly as high gain but it’s got a much softer clip to it, and the same controls set up the same way (so highpass/lowpass settings ought to match if you want them to). My intent with it was to have a companion plugin to Edge for use with ITB guitars: I’d be using it with Cabs, but folks who need full-on IRs might try that too, or sandwiching your IR between Dirt and Cabs as a final tone/presentation tweak.

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