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AW_Dubly is a port of the Airwindows Dubly. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Dubly is a retro vibe and atmosphere maker.

Special R_Ware treatment with added ALT mode that produces a similar but distinctly different result!

There’s a famous sort of noise reduction, with variations, that’s based around the idea of taking the audio, filtering it, compressing it 2:1 and adding that TO the signal. You then record that to tape. And when you play it back, you take that combination, compress it and filter it AGAIN, but this time subtract it from the signal. And hey presto, perfect sound! Well… nope. Doesn’t add up. Changes the sound. The thing is… that changed sound is sort of magical.

Meet Dubly. It uses uLaw technology (really!) for good, not evil! It does the most general form of that processing, NOT like any specific very proprietary tech, and uses a simple distortion inside rather than any tricky tape emulation (that can come later!). It defaults to 0.5, where it will just bring a delicate aura of retro magic to the sound. But, the way it’s calibrated (very tricky, by nature) you can crank it out and mis-calibrate it. And when you do, you’ll get more and more into a crazy, hyped, intensified zone that adds a lot of treble energy. But this doesn’t make it into a ‘single ended’ version of the processing (even though that’s a known secret weapon). It remains the double-ended, full chain, noise-reducing system (that is, if the single distortion stage was adding noise, which it isn’t). Just… twisted.