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AW_Focus is a port of the Airwindows Focus. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Focus brings out clarity by distorting. Aggressive, subtle, flexible.

What if you took UnBox, with its aliasing-resistant distortion, and revised it around a band pass? Not so much an EQ thing, more a ‘Fletcher Munson Loudness Curve’ thing, where you could zero in on just that most sensitive area, and add distortion to just that? And use the UnBox tech so you’d still have undistorted clear super-lows and highs, as much as you wanted? And set an output level so that if you DID end up driving the mids real hard, you could dial it back so that you got your focussing effect but without apparent mids boost? Or mids boost if you like, whichever. And a dry/wet on the end for added subtlety and flexibility. And then, how about if you could pick between Density, Drive, Spiral, Mojo and Dyno distortion algorithms? Here’s Focus. If you keep the Focus control real low, it’ll act like a broad-based overdrive, five different ways.