Or Get It As Part of R_Ware X Airwindows


AW_Infinity2 is a port of the Airwindows Infinity2. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Infinity2 expands Infinity - a MatrixVerb specifically designed to sustain and layer sounds forever - with more tone shaping and a much-requested kill-switch!

More importantly, Infinity is tailored to handle anything from subtle noises to the full blast of a mix: if you saturate it and keep adding sound, what’ll happen is that it’ll begin to squeeze out earlier infinity to make room for what’s coming in. That way, the maximum level will stay under control, but it’ll also tend to emphasize the most recent thing you did (as long as it’s loud). If you’re not adding loud things, you’ll continue to build up the texture as you go. It’s also a dual mono effect. What that means is, you’re adding things to infinitely sustain at distinct places in the stereo image. What’s on the left stays on the left, likewise with the right, centered stuff will stay centered. Infinity doesn’t have the stereo pitch shifting that would cause that to happen, because it’s entirely dedicated to providing pads and spaces that can literally sustain forever without change. So, it can also sustain a sound-space across the stereo field that doesn’t change the stereo mix, either. You can keep things mostly panned to the center, or put in super-wide stuff that’s fully L or R, or both.