Or Get It As Part of R_Ware X Airwindows


AW_PitchDelay is a port of the Airwindows PitchDelay. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: PitchDelay is TapeDelay2 but with pitch shift instead of flutter.

If you shift up, you can go towards very shrill crazy up-shifts that are right to the edge of blowing up the plugin. If you shift down, you can drop pitch down to literally nothing… and then keep going until you’re doing reverse buffer looping, which ends up (at a setting of 0) being the same pitch you started with, but backwards. Except it’s not playing the actual audio backwards, it’s cycling the algorithm backwards while the sound still plays ‘forwards’, so you get a ‘voice disguise’ effect. Sneak the setting just off the zero point, and it’s backwards low-speed, good for alien monster voices. If you include the regeneration while doing this you get a glorious mess. Also, the regeneration can be set to WAY more than just feedback, but it subtly restrains itself a bit so that you can hover around total feedback in a usable way.