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AW_Pockey2 is a port of Airwindows Pockey2. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Pockey2 is more efficient, more intense lo-fi hiphop in a plugin.

Pockey2 takes the basic concept of Pockey and brings in an entirely fresh character, while running way more efficiently. Instead of analog-style floating point bitcrushing, it’s integer… but you’ll find the difference between 5037 ‘stairsteps’ and 5038 ‘stairsteps’ will amount to about the same thing, just way more easy on the CPU. Still uLaw, still a big sampler-esque texture, now letting you go from 4 bit all the way to 16 bit at no CPU penalty. There’s not a lot of point running 16 bit here as it’s still uLaw, but in case you’re looking for just the lightest possible ‘sampler’ touch on your 24 bit DAW track, you’ve got it.

Instead of analog-style floating point frequency crushing, that’s integer too… which means the adjustability of the super-bright frequency crushing will be ‘steppy’, not allowing fine adjustments especially if the DAW’s at 44.1k. But if you’re running 96k, you get a much broader range of adjustment! And you get to frequency crush down way lower than before… and the tone! Another reason Pockey2 is a new version number is that, while the tone of the frequency crush on Pockey was interesting and vibey, the stuff you can do with the different-sounding Pockey2 is beyond belief. Experiment with the DeFreq control and see what you get. There’s a little bit of the ‘sweep the digital sampler cutoff point’ still there, especially at deeper frequency crushes, but Pockey2 shines when finding just the right spot to entirely transform a sound into pure lo-fi hip hop classic sampler madness. Even more than the original Pockey, this one can completely transform a sound into retro digital.