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AW_Pop2 is a port of Airwindows Pop2. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Pop2 adds control and punch to Pop.

The result of these experiments is Pop2, a software compressor so intense that you have to shoot it out with a rackmount compressor which will set you back $1700… and even then, it’s not a given which wins. The hardware will give you more midrange sonority (that Successor is fully transformer balanced and a really nice piece of kit) and hangs on to decays in a characteristic way… but Pop2 stands up for itself damn well, plus you can run one on all 16 inserts of your hybrid analog/digital recording setup, plus there’s a bit of a price difference.

ClipOnly2 is built into the output stage. If you compress in such a way that a huge spikey attack pokes out, and then you clip that attack, you can get and control a sort of distorted ‘splat’ on the attack that highlights it usefully.