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AW_Shape is a port of Airwindows Shape. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

Special R_Ware goodie: Oversampling! 4x Oversampling for less aliasing artifacts when driving the module hard!

TL;DW: Shape is an asymmetrical waveshaper for peak manipulating.

Shape is a simple, often subtle, little plugin for either pulling out, or squishing in, parts of the waveform. It’s based on the same basic technology as Console: complementary sin() and asin() functions. But in Shape, you’re picking which you want to apply, and you’re offsetting things so you can hit one side of the waveform more than the other.

Works like this. The Shape control determines what you’re doing. In the middle (0.5) you’re not doing anything. Increase it to 1.0 and you are stretching out the peaks of the waveform. Turn it down to 0.0 and you’re squishing the peaks of the waveform: like a soft-saturation but no boost, just restricting the waveform and making it distorted. The control scales all this so if you’re not cranking it out, you have lots of headroom and very gentle effects.

The Offset control interacts with this by shifting things from one side to the other: 0.5 is no offset, 0.0 is negative and 1.0 is positive. The effect of this, especially if you’ve not cranked out the Shape control, is to make the Shape control do its thing to only one side of the wave. You shouldn’t automatically crank this one out either: you can, for nasty waveshaping tricks, but the power of Shape is in how transparently it can manage the positive and negative swings of your waveform. Also, when we’re reshaping the waveform so asymmetrically, that’s built-in even harmonics: this is a recipe for warmth.