Or Get It As Part of R_Ware X Airwindows


AW_Tape is a port of the Airwindows Tape (Redux). The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Tape is simplified, all-purpose tape mojo: my personal jam.

I’ve heard a lot of tape in my time, being over 50 years old. I’ve dubbed and re-dubbed tapes a lot. So I dialed in (and re-programmed) Tape by loading up eight instances of it, in a row, and making it behave itself as well as could be expected while running audio through eight instances of Tape. It’s not meant to be clean if you do that: it’s meant to be eightfold trash, but the right kind of trash I’m familiar with when you’ve got that much generation loss and head bump buildup. I knew that if I could get that right, if I could get it to behave okay under that kind of duress, I could rely on it as a go-to output stage (going just before Monitoring) that would condition the sound in the right kind of way.