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AW_ToneSlant is a port of the Airwindows ToneSlant. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Mastering grade very low Q tilt EQ.

What that does, is produce an extremely transparent ’tilt EQ’ with a controllable corner point. And, it’s implemented in such a way that you can set it to null out (at extreme high boosts) and then bring in only the brightest highs. Quirky, maybe, but it broadens the ToneSlant toolkit. The reason it performs so well sonically is both the extremely low Q and the simplicity of the algorithm. Not everything I make belongs in a mastering studio, but ToneSlant is peculiarly suited to that use: it’s like those specialty EQs that have very few parts and impart no color to the sound. You should be careful applying ToneSlant, because it ‘hides’ and tries not to be apparent as EQ. Use it as such, when you need perhaps a strong ’tilt’ but don’t want the result to sound equalized.