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AW_uLaw is a combination of two ports: Airwindows uLawEncode and uLawDecode. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: uLaw is a Console-like encode/decode pair, but much more extreme.

Usage (see images):

  1. patch signal into ENCODE inputs
  2. patch ENCODE outputs to your fx chain (e.g. a AW_BitGlitter or AW_Capacitor or both or whatever)
  3. patch signal from fx chain into DECODE input
  4. patch DECODE output to your output

There’s a process called uLaw compansion. It’s not really compression and expansion, though: it’s like a kind of distortion that can be reversed. It’s used for telephone transmission, and showed up in some of the earliest digital audio processors: back in the day, you had so few bits that you had to make them count.

And then… you can do all manner of other strange things, because you can put any module between uLawEncode and uLawDecode. Not just a bitcrusher. But, anything you put there is going to turn into a monster in a rather pronounced way. For instance, if you put an EQ in there, it will go crazy and any changes you make become loud, distorted parodies of what you meant. If you put a delay or ambience, it’ll get warped very harshly. If you put pitch shifts, flanges, who-knows-what in there, you get shockingly horrible versions back out.