Or Get It As Part of R_Ware X Airwindows


AW_Universe is a port of the Airwindows Galactic. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

TL;DW: Galactic is a super-reverb designed specially for pads and space ambient.

Galactic is designed for ultimate deep space ambient music. It’s a combination feedback and feedforward reverb designed to make wide stereo verb-spaces out of anything, even mono test tones if you like. It takes in audio (dry/wet control available) and uses the Replace control to determine how much of the new sound coming in should replace the space that’s currently there. Detune shifts the pitch for both channels (in a quadrature pitch shift arrangement that means maximum widening for each sound) and Brightness controls both the brightness going into, and coming out of, the reverb. Replace, Brightness and Detune are designed to be playable on the fly to make your ambient spaces or evolve them. Bigness is the reverb buffers, so you can still alter that but it will make crashing noises when you do (that will then become more infinite spaces).



Mar 25, 23

really really big.

this is really really big. like being stuck in the negative zone. you feel like you can look around and see for miles and miles.