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AW_Verbity2 is a port of Airwindows Verbity2. The algorithms have been refined for the VM environment.

Special R_Ware goodie: Haas effect! Up to 32ms delay on the right channel for extra stereo width!

TL;DW: Verbity2 adds stereo crossmodulation and expands Verbity’s feedforward reverb topology. So Verbity2 is a new level of reverb realism from Airwindows.

First, Verbity2 is an expansion. These are what’s called Householder matrix reverbs, with a feedforward topology. Verbity, and Galactic, and Chamber, use blocks of reverb elements all of which feed directly into all the other elements, in a four-by-four matrix. A Householder matrix that’s four-by-four lets you do infinite reverb while having all the elements either be unity gain, or inverted unity gain, and all my Householder stuff thus far has been like this.

Verbity2 uses a five-by-five matrix for each stage, and where Verbity has three banks of matrices, Verbity2 has five banks of matrices. So where Verbity uses its twelve echo banks to make four thousand distinct echoes… Verbity2 uses its twenty-five echo banks to make NINE MILLION distinct echoes… before feedback. That’s not automatically ‘better’, but it’s different, like more than three orders of magnitude different. That’s going to affect the reverb texture.

There are also adjustments to tone control: the Darkness control is replaced with a control for Mulch. This is meant to be a kind of naturalness factor: Verbity, like Galactic, tends to hang on to thunderous bass, as if it expands into huge caverns. Mulch means the sound can darken, but it can also absorb some of the extreme lows, mimicking a physical room made out of wood and plaster, not stone or concrete.