Type: Module

Category: Filters

Updated: Jun 06, 2021

Manufacturer: Collider Modular

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Axis is a continuously variable pole, non-resonant low pass filter.

Most filters will give you CV control over the cutoff frequency. Some will let you change filter modes or slopes. A rare few will allow CV control over filter modes. Axis is an experiment which gives CV control over the cutoff slope (number of poles) in addition to the cutoff frequency. Sweeping the slope changes the spectral content in a more nuanced way. This can add interesting but subtle movement to pads or can give extra spice to a bass line, accenting key beats by decreasing the slope.

As Axis is an experiment, the Voltage Modular community is also invited to experiment as well.

To celebrate Voltage Modular's 1000th module, this filter is free for all users! 🎉


  • CV control over pole count, ranging from 1 to 12
  • Individual pole outputs for all odd poles: 3 pole, 5 pole, 7 pole, 9 pole, and 11 pole
  • 3 input mixer
  • Mixer will saturate inputs when turned up


Jun 18, 21