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  • BASSTARD is a particular bass mono synth voice with modulation capabilities.
  • BASSTARD is sold individually and as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.
  1. Three oscillators choosing between different waveforms.
  2. Dedicated Lowpass filter.
  3. Two modes (#1 and #2) to change sound enhancement.
  4. Gain control knob when pushed over its half position will produce a particular effect on sound.
  5. AM (amplitude modulation amount) knob and related AM FREQ (amplitude modulation frequency) to interact with oscillators amplitude before passing through filter; if VOCT button enabled the AM FREQ. will be influenced too.
  6. SYNC IN allows an external signal to sync with the oscillators and/or the AM carrier (enabling related OSC or AM FREQ. toggle buttons) depending on SYNC control knob selection.

Hope you really have fun with it!!! ;)

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_BASSTARD_Demo_1
  • Nrgzr78_BASSTARD_Demo_2
  • Nrgzr78_BASSTARD_Demo_3
  • Nrgzr78_BASSTARD_Demo_4
  • Nrgzr78_BASSTARD_Demo_5