Battle Mixer

A turntablist’s weapon for nimble record cutting, the Battle Mixer is armed for the modular world to give you access to the craft of mixing. Standard features are there — volume sliders for each input, per channel 3 band EQ, and a crossfader to blend each source. And, the advanced crossfader features are present too — a hamster switch (flip) to reverse the crossfader, a crab mode (cut) to square off its curve for abrupt techniques, and a curve knob to dial in the rate of blending between channels.

The crossfader is CV controllable (lower center jack) and a jack for remote control provides access to automating all controls via the Battle Mixer Remote, via a poly breakout like the Poly Collector, or (if you’re up for a little trial & error) via any poly connection.

Use the Battle Mixer to simulate a DJ rig, to bring mix technique to modular synthesizers, to create tremolos/ blend tremolos/ complex EQ modulations, to morph oscillators or LFOs, to mix CV signals with precise control, and to explore all sorts of other possibilities of the mixer as an instrument in itself.

(the Remote comes free with the Battle Mixer - after purchase, you'll see it available for $0)