Big Purple Chord Sequencer

It's big. It's purple. It's a chord sequencer. And better than that - it's got a wizard!

BPCS is an 8-step chord sequencer. Each step can be set to one of fourteen types of chord with a choice of three inversions. Each step also has independent gate length, duration and up to four repeats. Sequences can be transposed in semitones or shifted by whole octaves and there are a variety of selective randomizing options.

The BPCS also comes with a built-in wizard! I can't say whether our Wiz has a pointy hat but I can tell you that he has a big fat book of about 400 chord progressions and, as long as you don't upset him, with just one or two mouse clicks he will happily populate the chord section with a sequence of chords that he reckons makes musical sense.

Owners of Mini Chord and/or Chordant get a discount on BPCS.

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