Boolean Logic


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These modules take in 2 or 3 gate inputs and produce 6 gates that represent the true-or-false states of the inputs. The input is considered true if it is currently above 1V (gates do not need to be used, but they provide the most predictable behavior... still, try throwing in all sorts of signals). The various outputs are as follows:

OR: This output is true if any input is true. AND: This output is true if every input is true. XOR (Exclusive OR): This output is true if at least one input is true, but not every input. NOR: This output is true if every input is false (the opposite of OR). NAND: This output is true unless every input is true (the opposite of AND). XNOR (Exclusive NOR): This output is true if every input is the same state (the opposite of XOR).


Jan 19, 21

The power of 3

Having a tri-directional boolean logic module in VM has actually been more of a treat than I could've ever imagined; I feel like I find an entirely new use for this everyday that I use it (clock divided drum triggers, anyone?). I highly recommend it.