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  • Boughs is a dual Bernoulli gates based on Mutable Instruments' Branches.
  • Boughs is sold individually and as part of Malleable Instruments Bundle.
  • Each gate route each incoming gate/trigger to either of its two outputs and the decision is random, with a controllable amount of randomness (pots + CV input).
  • An internal connection routes the input of section 1 to section 2 unless a jack is connected into the input of section 2.
  • Upon receiving a trigger on its IN input, the module tosses a virtual coin: if the outcome is heads, the trigger is sent to output A; if the outcome is tails, the trigger is sent to output B.
  • The probability knob and the associated CV input change the odds of the “heads” and “tails” outcomes. In extreme settings, the outcome is no longer random causing the module to behave like a voltage-controlled switch.
  • Three control modes:
  • D(irect) in which HEAD = output A ; TAIL = output B.
  • T(oggle) in which HEAD = stay on the same output as before ; TAIL = switch to the other output. When the probability knob is set to its maximum value, the trigger will alternate between outputs A and B.
  • L(atch) an output A or B stays at +5V until the other output gets activated.

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