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Are you ready to take your audio to the next level of creativity? It's time to inject some serious attitude and edge into your sound with BROKETUBE! This powerful tool is designed to help you destroy your audio in the most creative and interesting ways possible with the highest quality available at up to 32x oversampling!

BROKETUBE enables you to add a wide range of tube distortion and other creative effects to your audio. Whether you're looking to create a raw, gritty, rough sound or simply want to add some unique character to your recordings, this effect has got you covered. But this isn't just any ordinary audio effect - it's a tool of destruction, ready to transform your audio into a force to be reckoned with. Don't let your audio be held back any longer - unleash its full potential and add unique character with BROKETUBE!

Try it out for yourself and see what kind of destruction you can create. With BROKETUBE, the possibilities are endless. Take your audio to new dimensions of destruction and add some serious personality to your tracks. Let the destruction begin!



Add stereo noise into the digital tube circuit for utmost grit and dust. With full control over the color from rumbling to fuzzy!


Break the tubes by driving your signal hard! Counter or increase the tube bias! And then tame the result with the included DC blocker switch.


Each digital tube algorithm can be controlled and fine-tuned with two unique parameters to explore their wide sonic palette. The knob in the middle adds some spicy feedback in the digital tube circuit.


BROKETUBE contains 5 unique digital tube algorithms. These are not your typical 'analog-modelled' tubes, these are purely and proudly digital tube-like algorithms. Each one of them has unique tone and character that can be formed and twisted with the tube parameters. Moreover each algorithm reacts differently to the GRIT, DRIVE, and BIAS.


You can fully destroy the dynamics of any signal by driving it hard and then add the initial dynamics back in with the DYNAMICS knob. The DYNAMICS function follows the input contour and re-applies it to the distorted signal.


From full destruction to subtle malformations, blend the perfect amount of character into your signal with the WET control.


Left or Right click on the module name to enter the CONFIG MENU. Here you can youse up to 32x oversampling with HQ FIR and IIR anti-aliasing filters.


BrokeTube Demolishing an 808!!

BrokeTube tearing a 909 Kick to shreds!!

BrokeTube breaking Soft Oscillator!!