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ChipArp allows the user to play arpeggiated chords in chip-tunes style. It also comes with a waveform and pitch table editor.


  • The polyphonic gate must always be connected
  • Choose polyphonic pitch to use arpeggiated chords
  • Use the monophonic CV to only use the table editor or use the CV for modulation in combination with the polyphonic pitch
  • Set the arp speed and choose between looped or ping-pong types
  • The table has three modes, single run, looped and ping-pong
  • The left column sets the pith offset (drag or scroll)
  • The right column sets the waveform (single mouse click)
  • Use the 'R' button to reset the table values
  • The table has a separate speed control

Title of Song

  • NoisyPillars.wav